Z-Scope, a Next-Generation Digital Marketer, Launches Campus Programs to Connect Businesses with Gen Z Consumers

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2024 / Z-Scope Marketing (“Z-Scope”), which creates digital connections through real-world experiences, has unveiled its multi-tiered strategy designed to facilitate relationships between digital companies and the next generation of consumers. Z-Scope’s innovative marketing approach, implemented across university campuses in the Los Angeles area, will focus on the effective recruitment of college ambassadors for brands as well as dynamic events that will increase brand engagement. As a result, companies will be able to form a stronger connection with the next generation of consumers.

Z-Scope creates connections between brands & the new generation of consumers.

Z-Scope is a Los Angeles-based marketing company that provides top-notch services to businesses of all sizes. Co-founded out of a dorm room by college students Octavio Mora, Lincoln Stibel, Clement Finney, and James (Handa) Li, the business leverages its proprietary marketing strategies and techniques to expand the reach of its clients and increase awareness of its brands among Gen Z consumers. Z-Scope’s suite of services includes campus ambassadors, influencer campaigns, social media marketing and management, and event creation & management. Since its inception, Z-Scope has helped a number of clients in a variety of industries build relationships with Gen-Z consumers. These clients specialize in fields which range from entertainment companies, to tech startups and even food/beverage companies.

Mora, Z-Scope’s current CEO, explains that the company’s newest program specializes in campus-wide brand recognition, focusing on consumers who grew up solely in the online era and can be challenging for businesses to reach. “On the one hand, they are geographically easy to target, as many of them are living on university campuses,” he confirms. “On the other hand, technology and social media have always been part of their lives, so we basically speak a shared language and have unique experiences.” According to Z-Scope’s business theory, this means that brands cannot maximize on-campus engagement exclusively through traditional means, such as emails or advertisements. Instead, creative strategies are necessary to best connect with students, which Z-Scope specializes in by facilitating those relationships and helping clients to maximize on-campus engagement.

Stibel, Co-Founder at Z-Scope, says that the company is exploring a new strategy of connecting companies with micro-influencers, who are local people who have built relationships of trust with niche audiences. “This is key to our efforts because Gen Z is very aware of the impact that these types of influencers have, although they are selective about which companies they decide to engage with,” he states. “Micro-influencers are proving to be a very effective way for brands to get their names in front of next-gen consumers and deepen connections.”

Z-Scope also specializes in organizing branded events, such as pop-up shops, concerts, and shows, all of which can give Gen-Z firsthand experiences with brands. “The focus is on a mix of fun and relatability,” says Finney. “Students, as you can imagine, are caught up in a whirlwind of classes, assignments, and tests, and we have found that overt marketing does not build a genuine relationship between brands and prospective consumers. Instead, Z-Scope concentrates on connecting brands to students in a relaxing way, which is a great strategy for building long-term recurring relationships.”

The final component of Z-Scope’s new Gen-Z program involves connecting companies with preexisting on-campus organizations, which can have a pivotal role in students’ lives. “We focus on Greek life, school clubs, intramural sports, and more so that businesses can more accurately target next-gen consumers,” Li explains. “Our campus outreach program is very comprehensive and enables our clients to focus on distinct aspects of student living.”

Octavio Mora invites organizations who need guidance on finding their footing in the digital era to reach out to Z-Scope. “We can help them to understand Gen Z consumers and create a clear path towards them. Through our innovative strategies, brands will be able to increase their presence and create long-lasting relationships with new consumers!”

About Z-Scope Marketing:

Z-Scope Marketing is a college marketing firm founded by student Octavio Mora, with the help of his team including Lincoln Stibel, Handa “James” Li, and Clement Finney. It provides top-notch marketing services to businesses of all sizes and takes pride in its ability to work closely with them to understand their needs and develop customized marketing strategies that deliver results.

For more information about Z-Scope helps companies to scale their businesses through the latest digital marketing strategies and techniques, please visit its website or contact:

Octavio Mora
[email protected]

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