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Take for a moment and count how many business cards you give out daily. If you work in medical sales, that number could be too high to count. Business cards are essential for this industry, ensuring that sales representatives can make connections with customers.


Yet business cards are not without their limits. For one, you have to carry enough cards with you for every visit you make. But even that doesn’t guarantee that those cards won’t get lost once they leave your hand.

The medical sales industry moves quickly and cannot afford these inefficiencies.

Using L-Card, you can share and store digital business cards, eliminating paper business cards and the inefficiencies that come with them. You no longer have to worry about carrying cards with you in the event of an unplanned visit. Rather, it is all stored right on your phone for easy access and sharing.

Plus, you now know that your clients have your information. Often physical cards can be misplaced in a desk drawer or pile, not to be found again for years. With L-Card, your information is stored in the customer’s library and is easily accessible, ensuring they can contact you whenever they need to.

This information is further protected through an automatic backup to the highly secure cloud servers daily. Your clients will always have your information, no matter what happens in the office. It is simple and efficient for both sides.

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