Stolen Realm Brings a New Twist on Baldur’s Gate 3-Style Combat to Xbox

  • A step beyond scratching the Baldur’s Gate 3 itch.
  • Synchronous turn-system.
  • Fast-paced tactical co-op combat.

Stolen Realm is a game that’s been partly inspired by the work of Larian Studios, via the fantastic Divinity: Original Sin games, so while we’ve been finishing up Stolen Realm over the last few months, it’s been fantastic to see Baldur’s Gate 3 explode and show there is a huge appetite for games like ours. If you’re one of those Xbox fans looking for a new game to scratch that Baldur’s Gate 3 itch, we hope Stolen Realm will do that for you. However, we also want to tell you about the unique twists our game has that helps speed up combat, keeps you making fun choices and makes it perfect for co-op.

Stolen Realm has a synchronous turn system.  This means that all the players on your team can all take their turns at the same time, the enemies likewise. With this system, our game offers the same kind of tactical combat you’d expect from the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sun, but with combat encounters that move at a far quicker pace. This means that when you’re playing co-op with your friends, there’s no waiting around for your turn while your buddy ponders his next move. You’ll be onto the next step of your adventure in no time, so you can spend less time waiting and more time having friendly argument about whether you should go for another combat encounter, a special event, or some treasure as you move through our games diverse fantasy environments. 

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Speaking of co-op, we’ve built a really flexible six-player drop-in/drop-out system that means it’s super easy to see your friends playing on Xbox Live, jump in for a few rounds and then leave again. The game automatically balances itself based on how many people are playing, so the game will simply adapt the experience to make sure that you’re coming up against the right level of challenge based on how many of you are playing together at any given moment. Friction-free multiplayer is something Xbox has always been good at, so we think Stolen Realm fits in perfectly in that respect!

Our approach to combat is something that we’ve tried to implement across the whole game. We’ve designed Stolen Realm to be an RPG that focuses on the best part of RPGs: making choices. Whether it’s what move you will make next in combat, what skill you’re going to take next, what to do when a demon offers you a deal in one of our attribute-altering D&D style special events, or whether to switch out your armour and weapons based on what you’ve looted in your latest encounter. We’ve opened up those choices with a highly-flexible class system that lets you take abilities from any class-tree you wish (there are over 300 skills in the game), so you can make some really creative builds. We’ve also got over 700 unique items to discover, each of which can be customised with modifiers. These include the epicly-named Abbadon the Soul Crusher, a mace that raises slain enemies as skeletal warriors to fight for you and The Bloodletter, a cursed sword that grants additional power at the cost of your lifeblood, to give you a small taste of what you can discover! Basically, there’s a lot of fun ways your choices can impact your character and your adventure and Stolen Realm keeps you making those fun choices as often as possible.   

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When it comes to choice, we’ve also built a few of modes for you to choose from! Stolen Realm has a full campaign (with six difficulty levels), a hardcore mode for those who want to deal with permadeath, and even a roguelike mode. In roguelike mode, you gain a level after every battle and can choose from a set of random skills and items, making every run unique. Even if you fail, each run helps towards permanently unlocking new characters and passive skills for future runs.

Myself and the team want to take the time to thank you for reading about our game, as well as our awesome community for the feedback that’s help make Stolen Realm a better game (and made us retain talking bears as a feature), as well streamers like Sacriel, Shroud, Anthony_Kongphan, Strippin, Sequisha, Fairlight_Excalibur and lots of others who we can’t mention because it would make this list too long, for singing the game’s praises and raising the profile of a debut game made by a tiny team. I hope our words about the game have made you eager to begin making your own choices and jump into Stolen Realm with your friends. Enjoy your adventure, available right now on Xbox!

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Stolen Realm is a simultaneous turn-based tactical dungeon crawling looter with action RPG elements where you control up to 6 heroes, solo or through online co-op, venturing forth in adventures set in a high-fantasy, low-poly world.

Stolen Realm features an innovative turn-based combat system where simultaneous turns allow every team to take their actions at once, creating quick combat encounters that blend the tactical depth of titles like Divinity: Original Sin with the thrill of a fast-paced action RPG. Every battle scales based on the number of players involved, so you can easily jump in and out of the game even in the same playthrough!

With a highly customisable class system, Stolen Realm allows you to create traditional RPG classes or break the mold to forge a unique champion of your own as you draw from a pool of hundreds of possible skills. Make a spell-slinging assassin, a priest born of frost, or a shadow-infused knight. Further customize your build by earning and reforging loot that truly changes the way you play: wield Abbadon the Soul Crusher, a mythic mace that raises slain enemies as skeletal warriors to fight for you, or unsheath the Bloodletter, a cursed sword that grants additional power at the cost of your lifeblood. D&D-like events where attribute-based rolls will have permanent effects on your character add yet another layer to building a character that is truly your own. Anything is possible in this title that keeps compelling choices at the forefront of your experience.

Keeping the core appeal of RPGs at its forefront, Stolen Realm ensures you spend all your time, fighting, building your characters and making compelling choices that determine your immediate path or effect your character, rather than getting bogged down in side quests and other RPG-bloat. After each battle, pick your path between story events, resource gathering, shops and treasure rooms, until you get to the final boss of each procedurally generated adventure. If you’re up to a challenge, crank the difficulty up with 6 different difficulty levels – or pick Hardcore Mode with permadeath, where every battle can be the last!

Also features Roguelike Mode, a fast paced version of the game where you can mix and match builds that are simply not possible in the traditional campaign!

Carve a place in history with your sword and magic. Rise to honor and glory in the battlefield. Recover the Stolen Realm.

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