Paul van Dyk teams up with Saad Ayub and Elevation on Trance Anthem “Ouverture” 

Paul van Dyk teams up with Saad Ayub and Elevation on Trance Anthem “Ouverture” 551

In a striking start to the year and famed trance label VANDIT Records celebrates its 25th annniversary with “Ouverture,” a track that’s represents a confluence of electronic music’s past, present, and future. The year’s lead single is a collaborative effort of trance titan Paul van Dyk, Toronto’s techno force Saad Ayub, and the US’s own Elevation, marking the trio’s third time in the studio.Premiering on van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions radio show, which is gearing up for its 900th episode, “Ouverture” emerges as an evoution of the trance sound PvD built his esteemed career on blended with the cutting edge sensibilities of the young guns Saad Ayub and Elevation. “Ouverture” stands as a key release for VANDIT Records, it’s a fusion that showcases the distinct styles of van Dyk, Ayub, and Elevation, resulting in a melodic tech trance track that’s both sharp and stirring. Van Dyk, does what he does best — big emotional trance hooks, while Saad Ayub infuses the single with a distinct techno edge while Elevation, adds his own a unique flair. As “Ouverture” hits streaming platforms, it’s a clear harbinger of a year filled innovative new releases for VANDIT. And for the O.G. fans of Paul van Dyk and his imprint “Ouverture” is just the beginning of a series of releases commemorating a quarter century landmark in the label’s history.

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