How Donald Trump Broke the Iowa Caucuses and Owns the G.O.P.

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This time last year, Republicans were reeling from a poorer-than-expected performance in the 2022 midterm elections; many questioned, again, whether it was time to move on from their two-time Presidential standard-bearer. But Donald Trump is so far ahead in the polls that it would be shocking if he did not clinch the first 2024 contest, in Iowa. Three New Yorker political writers—Susan B. Glasser, Robert Samuels, and Benjamin Wallace-Wells—explain why Trump is still the top dog, and why his legal troubles enhance his standing among Republicans. Plus, the actress Danielle Brooks talks about filling Oprah Winfrey’s shoes in a new adaptation of “The Color Purple,” and how the film’s millennial cast and director reimagined the feel of the story.

How Donald Trump Broke the Iowa Caucuses and Owns the G.O.P.

Whether he wins as expected or somehow underperforms, Donald Trump has upended the state’s Republican caucuses without participating in a single debate and barely campaigning on the ground.

Danielle Brooks Comes Full Circle in “The Color Purple”

In a new film, the actress is attracting Oscar buzz for a role first made famous by Oprah Winfrey almost forty years ago.

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