Snapchat Announces New Entertainment Measurement Partnership with Samba TV

Snapchat has announced a new measurement partnership with Samba TV, which will provide Snap’s ad partners with more insight into the impact of their in-app campaigns.

Samba TV, which provides insights into TV viewing behaviors, will now be able to also share insights with Snap advertisers in the entertainment vertical as to the engagement and response to their in-app campaigns.

As per Samba TV:

To help brands further understand the value of advertising on Snapchat, the social media company tapped industry-leading data and measurement provider Samba TV to provide outcome measurement to Snap advertisers in the entertainment vertical. Samba TV is the only measurement company with a global footprint, including coverage for all of the major walled gardens, more than 200 national networks in the U.S., local networks in more than 100 U.S. DMAs, as well as more than 400 digital publishers.

With its network of audience insights, which includes connection via 48 million smart TV devices, Samba TV is able to provide data on viewership across free-to-air, cable, and streaming TV content, which will better enable Snap partners to understand the impact that their Snap campaigns are having on performance.

“As a result of the partnership, media and entertainment brands advertising on Snapchat can measure conversion outcomes using Samba TV’s currency-grade VTR solution to gain a clear understanding of how their campaigns drive new viewers to linear and streaming programs, and measure lift across their media strategies. Snapchat advertisers can also utilize Samba TV’s data to make more holistic and data-driven decisions to optimize their spending on the social media platform.

It’s another advance for Snap’s ad offerings, which will provide more ways for entertainment marketers to measure performance.

And as Snap continues to provide valuable connection to younger audiences in particular, it could help to highlight more specific response data, and better attribute Snap campaigns to viewer outcomes.

The new partnership goes into effect from today, and will be available to Snap ad partners shortly.

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