Ukraine War: Q/A from the Frontline

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Ukraine War: Q/A from the Frontline
Today’s video I answer all of your questions, or at least most. I don’t have much time on my hands, but you deserve an update given the amount of support I’ve been getting. Thanks for everything, CivDiv.

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00:30 What have I been up to
1:55 Feat of going back to Civilian Life
2:32 Morale/Russia’s Performance
3:40 My loadout
4:51 Gear Durability
5:30 Differences between Ukraine, Marine’s, YPG And YBS
6:26 How to blowup Russian Tanks
7:20 How is the day to day
8:14 Field story
9:09 Miscellaneous
10:47 Struggles as a foreign fighter
11:05 How the Russians operate
11:50 News from my other militaries I’ve been a part of


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