Tornado and Thunderstorms Warning Come to Chicago This Week

After a strong thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was found in the northwest suburbs, moving east at 30 mph, a tornado warning was issued for sections of Cook County until 7:45 p.m.

An earlier tornado warning has been discontinued in northern Kane County.

No funnel clouds have been seen from that storm system, according to CBS 2 meteorologists Mary Kay Kleist and Albert Ramon, despite the storm system delivering torrential rain, hail, and high gusts.

Tornado and thunderstorm warning in Chicago


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Large swaths of the central and eastern United States have had pleasant weather since the beginning of June, but AccuWeather forecasts believe that the pleasant weather will be a distant memory in the days ahead.

As a significant meteorological feature switches position, a sudden and strong warmth is on the way for a big part of the country this week.

Across the next several days, as the jet stream rises north, a big heat dome will expand over the Central regions, Midwest, and Southeast, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

Last week, a broad section of the United States was scorched by unseasonably warm weather, with high-temperature records being broken from the Southwestern states to Texas.

Mother Nature will now be able to raise the temperature in another portion of the country thanks to the same trait that delivered scorching heat to those areas.

A severe thunderstorm capable of creating a tornado was detected over Berwyn and Maywood at 6:59 p.m., traveling southeast at 30 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

As Chicagoland prepares for probably the warmest temperatures in a decade in the coming days, a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch have been issued for sections of the city.

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Cook County until 7 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

The counties of Kane, Lake, and McHenry were originally listed in the severe thunderstorm warning, but they were later deleted.

Through the late evening, an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible.

Storms that do form have the potential to become catastrophic soon. Overnight, partly overcast with patchy fog. Lows in the low 70s are expected.

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Additional quarter-sized hail and high temperatures

Wind gusts of up to 84 mph have been reported at O’Hare International Airport, quarter-sized hail has been reported in Kildeer, and felled trees have been reported on highways in Roselle, according to the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s high is expected to reach 98 degrees, flirting with 100 degrees. The heat index will reach the triple digits, maybe as high as 109, due to the excessive humidity.

On Monday, the unseasonably warm weather will hit several parts of the country, from the central Plains to the Midwest.

Residents of Wichita, Kansas, and Lincoln, Nebraska, will likely feel the worst of the heat this push has to give until Monday evening.

At this time of year, high temperatures in both cities generally reach the mid-80s F, but by Monday, both are expected to reach temperatures near 100 F.

Chicago and Indianapolis will see their hottest days by Tuesday.

In mid-June, both metros should expect highs of approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but the mercury will rise to just shy of 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday.

The heat will scorch the whole greater Chicago metro region on Tuesday, but locations nearest to Lake Michigan’s coastline may be a few degrees cooler than those further inland.

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