Russia’s rebranded McDonald’s shares new logo following company’s exit amid Ukraine invasion

Russia's Rebranded McDonald's Shares New Logo Following Company's Exit Amid Ukraine Invasion

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Russia’s Rebranded McDonald’s Shares New Logo Following Company’s Exit Amid Ukraine Invasion

The Russian fast food chain that was up until very recently McDonald’s has unveiled its new logo as it prepares to open some of its re-branded restaurants on Sunday.

As reported by Reuters, the rebranded chain, which has yet to announce its name, is set to open its first 15 restaurants in the Moscow area on Sunday, followed by another 200 locations in other parts of the country later this month.

The new logo features a green background with a red circle and two yellow slashes that reference a burger and fries.

The new logo also somewhat looks like the shape of an “M.”

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The news arrives nearly a month after McDonald’s announced it would exit the Russian market following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Days later, the fast food chain sold its 850 Russian locations to existing licensee Alexander Govor.

“The agreement remains subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approval, with closing expected to occur in the coming weeks,” McDonald’s said in a press release.

“The sale and purchase agreement provides for employees to be retained for at least two years, on equivalent terms. The buyer has also agreed to fund the salaries of corporate employees who work in 45 regions of the country until closing, as well as fund existing liabilities to suppliers, landlords and utilities.”

As for a new name for the fast food brand formerly known as McDonald’s, the Guardian reports the new chain was rumoured to be named “My Burger,” but Russian state-owned news source RIA Novosti later confirmed that it was just a placeholder.

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