Russia is Begging China for Food – Ukraine War Week 3 Update


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★ Putin is Killing the Ethnic Russians of Ukraine
★ Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons?
★ Russia can NO LONGER WIN in Ukraine
★ Russia’s Economy is COLLAPSING
★ China Will ATTACK Russia… if they fail in Ukraine


Finnish support for joining NATO surges to record 62% as Russian invasion of Ukraine continues

Germany to buy F-35 warplanes for nuclear deterrence

Instagram is now blocked in Russia

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will knock 30 years of progress off the Russian economy

Ukraine Territorial Control

Ukrainian Army began to retake some villages where Russian forces were stationed

Russian logistics are so bad, its military is begging China for MREs

Russia Facing ‘Outright Defeat’ And ‘Sudden’ Collapse In Ukraine, Author Says

Message from, Tristan, from Belgium

‘Europe stands with you’: EU leaders vow support for Ukraine during Kyiv visit

Prez Zelensky visited Ukraine’s wounded soldiers.

A captive Russian conscript says that their country treats them like cannon fodder

Bodies of Russian Soldiers Filling Up Belarusian Morgues, Residents Say

Сaptured Russians said they allegedly went to Ukraine to guard humanitarian convoy and fight Nazis

It is my opinion that we have already lost this war, – Russian bomber pilot

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence reports that parachutes of ejected Russian pilots cannot open

Russia asked China for military equipment, U.S. official says

China says it wants to steer clear of U.S. sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


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