Rude Riot (Oi Kiew (Ukraine)) The Sound of Revolution (Warzone) live @ Hof 2017

Rude Riot sind eine ukrainische Oi! / Streetpunk Band. Geben tuts die Jungs schon seit 2007. 2017-10 Jahre später 😀 hats die Jungs auch mal nach Hof verschlagen. Keine Ahnung obs es ihre zweite oder dritte Europa Tour war. Aber sowas in der Art. Die Hauptsache war ja eh, daß sie in unserer Gegend spielen. Weil ich mag exotischen Oi! / Punk / Ska etc. 🙂 Der hochgejubelte Durchschnittskram und selbsternannte oder selbst eingebildete „Superstars“ spielen ja überall anders eh schon 😀 War ein cooles Konzert. Die Jungs kommen aus Kiew / Kyiv. Sie sind für die Selbstorganisierung/Selbstorganisation und für Sachen wie DIY und gegen jegliche Form totalitärer Politik / autoritärer Herrschaft. Außerdem haben sie auch ein Projekt für ukrainische Kinder ins Leben gerufen „Stand for Kids“ mit dem sie Kindern aus armen Familien oder ohne Eltern in der Ukraine helfen wollen (mehr Infos weiter unten). Das Projekt gibt’s auch schon sieben Jahre. Also eine Band, die durchaus einiges positives macht. Und keine der üblichen Dummsuff und der Rest ist wurscht Bands 😀 (obwohl auch Dummsuff Bands durchaus cool sein können 😀 ).

Rude Riot are a ukrainian Oi! / Streetpunk Band. They were founded in 2007. 10 years later they played in Hof. I don´t know if it was their second or third european tour, but for sure something like that. Main thing was they played in our region 🙂 Because I love exotic Oi! / Ska / Punk etc. 🙂 The average other normal bands or „superstar“ assholes play everywhere else already. It was a very cool gig. The band comes from Kiev / Kyiv. They are for self organization and DIY and against all kinds of totalitarian politics. Also they found / created a project for children from poor families or without parents in Ukraine. „Stand for Kids“. More infos about „Stand for Kids“ below. So Rude Riot are a band which really do some positive things too and not are one of this „drinking is the most important and the rest is equal“ bands. But I not want to say that lyrics about booze not are funny 😀 I like this kind of stuff also. But Rude Riot are not one of this „I don´t care about the world, main thing is I am drunken“ bands.

Text / Lyrics

Warzone – The Sound of Revolution

The Sound of Revolution

It’s coming again from the streets
A lion’s roar, a tribal beat
It’s time for you to give a hand
And fight the battle to the promised land

The Sound of Revolution

The youth are getting restless
But now there’s many more
Living in the streets
Times are worse than before
Now you know it’s time to make a move
If you do nothing, then you all lose

The Sound of Revolution

The line’s been drawn, the battle’s clear
It’s time for pride and no more fear
The revolution now is in your heart
And together we have a part

The Sound of Revolution

Mehr Infos über Rude Riot:

Stand for Kids – Info:

The social initiative “Stand for Kids!” is an initiative to support children without parental care in orphanages and children from poor families in Ukraine.
The initiative “Stand for Kids!” – is an association that has been running for 7 years and operates on the principles of self-organization, which means that anyone can take part in activities or organize their own work.
We are not a charitable foundation or organization; we are a social initiative – that means that everything is done through initiative of people, mutual support, and solidarity.
What do we do?
• We organize master classes and lessons of music, painting, martial arts and others in orphanages
• We buy and pass directly to children: stationery, tools for creativity, sports equipment, books, toys, and clothes
• We provide competition for children in different sports areas
• We help school groups with equipment for chess and table tennis in the villages
• We buy necessary things that will contribute to the development of children – educational board games, books about logic, educational game books, puzzles and other
• We organize tours for children
• We set sports equipment in orphanages and children’s homes
Your support is very much appreciated!

Stand for Kids:

Ach ja und das hier ist nebenbei auch der You Tube Kanal von der Seite bzw. dem Projekt punkoiskafranconia / And yes this is by the way also the You Tube channel from the page & project punkoiskafranconia:

facebook: (always updated / immer auf dem neuesten Stand)

wordpress: (aus Zeitgründen im Moment leider nur sehr unregelmäßig mal was neues drauf / very rarely updated due to time problems through too much normal work)


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