Rainy and Muddy Glastonbury Festival Seems To Have a Sunny Weather This Year

Glastonbury Event is approaching this month, and monitoring the forecast is one of the greatest methods to plan your clothes and ensure that you have everything you need for the music festival.

Glastonbury Festival has a reputation for being wet and muddy in the past.

The year 1997 has been known as “the year of mud.”

The music festival runs from Wednesday, June 22 through Sunday, June 26 this year.

First Sunny weather at Glastonbury festival?


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According to Met UK’s long-range weather predictions, conditions will be a little “above normal” at the start, so summer festival visitors should dress accordingly, as per Somerset Live.

Dryer weather is more common in western parts of the country.

“The later part of June may probably be under the influence of somewhat higher pressure to the southwest, with a probability of above-average rainfall for the time of year,” according to the MET Office.

It also mentioned that there may be warmer sunny periods in the festival’s early days.

However, the country “may probably be under the influence of somewhat higher pressure to the southwest, with a risk of above-average rainfall for the time of year” around the end of June and early July.

Of course, as with all British weather, things may change at any time, and the MET Office warned that “confidence for this period is low” at the time of writing.

Nonetheless, given the information thus far, it may be prudent to bring a mixture of warmer clothing and light rain cover if you are traveling and attending the festival this year.

This evening, clouds and rain will swiftly sweep northeast throughout the whole region, bringing foggy conditions to the moors.

During the early hours, drier conditions with clear periods will prevail, with isolated showers and a strong breeze emerging before sunrise.

The minimum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday morning, expect bright periods and scattered heavy, maybe thundery thunderstorms.

Showers will clear off in the afternoon, with sunny intervals emerging towards the coast, although with a strong breeze.

The maximum temperature is 19 degrees Celsius.

Even though the festival is still a few weeks away, weather experts have projected what the weather would be like in Worthy Farm throughout the five-day event.

According to Accuweather, the weather forecast for the Glastonbury timeframe is as follows.

It should be emphasized that projections made more than two weeks or a week in advance are far less likely to be correct.

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Weather forecast for this week

It will be largely sunny on Wednesday, June 22nd, with temperatures reaching 18 degrees.

Cloudy skies are expected on Thursday, June 23, with temperatures reaching 18 degrees.

On Friday, June 24th, there will be some sunshine and temperatures will reach 21 degrees.

Saturday, June 25th, will be overcast with a chance of rain and temperatures of up to 20 degrees.

There may be a few afternoon showers on Sunday, June 26th, with temperatures reaching 18 degrees.

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