Pro-Ukrainian citizens thwarted the opening of a memorial plaque to the russians in the center of Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, pro-Ukrainian citizens thwarted the opening of a commemorative plaque on the building of the Sergius Compound on Sunday. This is reported by residents of Jerusalem at Facebook.

«Today, in honor of a very strange holiday in Jerusalem, a commemorative plaque was to be opened at the Sergius Compound. They hung it with a white cloth, called paid bots, saw the whole galaxy of the Russian House in Tel Aviv there, everyone, everyone. The ambassador of the Nazis in Israel was also. But something went wrong, 5 people came with Ukrainian flags, then a few more. But even this amount was enough. The orcs locked themselves inside, called the police, then another, but could not remove the cloth. Glory to Ukraine», – the user said.

Another resident of the city noted that the russian ambassador soon left the building without waiting for the sign to be opened.

«According to the schedule, the memorial plaque of the museum could not be opened. The ambassador of the russian federation left after the russian ship», – the publication says.


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