Press Release: Sending Rockets Will Only Prolong the Misery of the War in Ukraine

Issued: 6 June 2022

For Immediate Release

The decision of the British government to send M270 rocket systems to Ukraine will only result in the prolonging of the war in Ukraine and further misery for the people of the country.

Sending in such long range missiles risks escalating the conflict. Vladimir Putin has threatened that Russia would retaliate by striking new targets in Ukraine.

Rather than sending extra missiles to Ukraine, which is already awash with foreign artillery, the government should be urging for a ceasefire and the recommencement of peace talks.

We continue to call on the British government to stop fuelling the escalation of conflict in Ukraine and demand that it calls for a negotiated peace immediately.

Stop the War Deputy President, Andrew Murray, said:

“Yet again the British government is escalating tensions and prolonging conflict by putting arms into Ukraine. It is risking a wider and still worse conflict.

It should change course and start pushing for a ceasefire and peace talks.”

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