‘Our Channel Anger’: Head of the Ukraine Freedom Orchestra for Prom

The set of 74 people from Ukraine, most of whom had passed the war at home, the European tour began to excite the reception in Warsaw
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By bringing the Ukrainian national anthem, the first concert of the Ukraine freedom orchestra ended in Warsaw on Thursday night in the middle of a festive applause from a crowded house in Poland’s national opera. It is difficult to believe that two weeks ago this orchestra did not exist and that these musicians never played together. 74 musicians, all Ukraine, come from many different orchestra in the country and elsewhere throughout the world. They gathered at Warsaw 10 days before the concert for intensive training. More than half of them spent war in Ukraine, and only left to join the tour. After Warsaw’s debut, the orchestra is now on his way to London, where he will appear on Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the prom. The stops then included Edinburgh, Berlin and Amsterdam before the tour ended with a concert in New York and Washington DC then in August. “It’s amazing to be part of this, to create this music at this time,” said Cello Yevgen Dovbysh player, from Odesa Philharmonic National. For Dovbysh, the tour has given him the opportunity to reunite with his wife, violinist Hanna Vikhrova, after five months apart. He left Odesa with their eight -year -old daughter on the first day of the war, and since then living in the Czech Republic. Dovbysh lives in Odesa and spends the first months of war voluntarily to help war efforts, including by helping to fill sand sacks with sand from the city coast. Recently, on July 1, he took part in Odesa’s first direct concert since the beginning of the war, with the orchestra gathered together from those left in the city. “It was terrible for the first two months, when we could not play at all. Now it feels amazing to focus on music and leave the feelings of war for a short time when playing, “he said. The Thursday concert began with a seventh gloomy meditation symphony from Ukraine Composer Valentin Silvestrov. It was followed by the Piano Chopin No. 2 concert, carried out by Ukraine Pianist Anna Fedorova, and Aria from Fidelio Beethoven conducted by Soprano Liudmyla Monastyrska. ‘Amazing is part of’ … orchestra in training. Kaja Karpati & Daniel Zarewicz

Monastyrska, one of the most famous opera singers in Ukraine, said he immediately agreed when he received an invitation to join the tour. “I am very happy and very grateful. This is a very pleasant surprise that so many people support us, “he said the day before CO


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