Mysterious Hard Object Inside Massive Catfish Turned Out to be Sex Toy

A mysterious hard object found inside the catfish turns out to be a sex toy. After one of them landed a blue catfish on the Ohio River last week, two Indiana fishermen received a surprise gift.

The goal for the day when Richard Kesar of Shelbyville, Indiana, and his friend Jon Hoop went fishing on the Ohio River last week was for Hoop to catch his first blue catfish.

He did, but this fish also arrived with a hidden toy: a sex toy, to be exact.

“We realized its stomach was large when we got it in the boat,” Kesar told Fox station WXIN in Bloomington, Indiana. He initially believed it was due to eggs or other animals the fish had consumed.

“Other fish, turtles, muskrats, and other species are commonly found,” he told the broadcaster.

Something Inside

He didn’t press down on the catfish’s abdomen until later in the day and felt two firm items he knew couldn’t be eggs.

They found what was bulking up the catfish’s abdomen when they returned to Kesar’s house and sliced up the catfish: a foam ball, a piece of another fish, and, yes, a pretty large-sized dildo. “The other item,” as Kesar referred to it.

Kesar shared images of the catfish and the “other thing” on his Facebook page, which sparked a lot of curiosity, with over 19,000 shares as of Friday afternoon. It also presented some difficulties for him as the father of a three-year-old daughter.

“Jon, my wife, and I began giggling when it came out,” he told WXIN. “My wife shielded my daughter’s eyes and turned her away from it right away.”

The daughter continues wondering what it is, but it is probably a topic for another day. Hoop has the catfish, according to Kesar, but he doesn’t believe his fishing friend has eaten it “yet.”

Meanwhile, he still has “the other item,” but not for long.

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Catfishes Eating Everything


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Catfish are the aquatic equivalent of rubbish disposal.

Take it from bottom-feeding fish enthusiast Dave Schmidtlein. He recalls a fishing excursion to Coffey County Lake a few years ago that convinced him that catfish would eat even the most unusual of baits.

Schmidtlein, who resides in Topeka, stated, “We had found this hump that was just full with channel catfish.” “We were attempting to eat both our meal and our fish at the same time.” My kid had tossed one of my homemade dill pickles into the water after dropping it on the bottom of the boat.

More Shocking Discovery

“We cleaned a few fish later to examine what they were eating, and I discovered a large bulge in one of the fish’s bellies.” When I opened it up, I thought it was a crawdad, but inside was a 412-inch long dill pickle.

“That pickle must have been devoured shortly after we put it in the sea.”

Pickles might be used as bait. Why not? Channel catfishers use everything else.

Schmidtlein recalls his brother catching some fish at Clinton Lake a few years ago and discovering six baby back ribs in the intestines of one fish when he attempted to clean them.

Schmidtlein’s niece was chewing grape-flavored bubblegum when she decided to put it on her hook. She caught a channel catfish in minutes.

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