Mekoprint expands production in Ukraine

With this expansion, Mekoprint is making sure that it can keep the wheels turning in Ukraine, and at the same time strengthen the company’s global competitiveness in Europe.

While some companies completely or partially close down production in Ukraine due to the war, Mekoprint is moving in a different direction. The company’s division Mekoprint Cables will move into a new factory of 3,600 square meters in the northwestern part of the country. The expansion is part of the Danish group’s strategy to strengthen its position and competitiveness.

“The expansion means that we get more than three times as much space as before. We have long had plans to expand production in Ukraine due to the high demand for specially designed cable solutions, and with the expansion we ensure increased capacity for our loyal customers. The new factory is an important part of our ambition to strengthen our global platform and make us even more competitive,” says Anders Kold, CEO of Mekoprint, in a press release.

The new factory is located next to Mekoprint’s current production facilities in Chernyakhiv, about 160 kilometres west of Kyiv. Mekoprint closed its factory for six weeks earlier this year and moved parts of the production from Ukraine to its factory in Poland. But now production in Ukraine is back to normal levels and capacity will increase further when the new factory is put into operation.

Mekoprint Cables currently has 94 employees in the country, but the number is increasing, as the company expects to double its activity in Ukraine within 2-3 years.

“The expansion of production in Ukraine must be seen in the light of the fact that the situation is safe and stable in that part of the country,” says Anders Kold.

The company also points out that should problems should arise in Ukraine, Mekoprint can quickly move production to a factory in Poland. Transport in and out of Ukraine also takes place via Poland, and customers can rest assured that the logistics are under control.

“Our employees have made an incredible effort during a very turbulent period. The employees are naturally worried, but they would much rather go to work than sit at home and follow news about the war all day. We are very impressed by the way they have helped each other and approached the situation,” says Lars L. Rasmussen, division director of Mekoprint Cables.

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