Letter: Why Germany’s former leader sounds illogical

So former German chancellor Angela Merkel says admitting Ukraine to Nato would have been a declaration of war (“Merkel denies appeasing Putin during Russia-Ukraine tensions”, Report, June 9).

Interesting. Not admitting Ukraine led to a real war. Admitting Ukraine would have been a declaration of

no-war-allowed. France’s President Emmanuel Macron says Vladimir Putin must not be humiliated. Also good to know. Putin will understand he’d better continue his military mass-murder so he can claim the prize that will be left on the table.

China will understand there’s nothing to lose from invading Taiwan, because even if everything goes pear-shaped, it won’t be “humiliated”. It will be allowed to gain enough to claim victory. And America’s Joe Biden refuses to let Ukraine fire its missiles into Russia. All clear. China will know it’s safe to invade Taiwan because the island won’t be given weapons that can strike the mainland.

Its neighbours will see it’s best to bow to Russia or China’s demands — the west won’t deter them. Even if Russia/China can’t get everything they want by force, they can inflict seemingly endless death and destruction.

Andrew Schmid
Prague, Czech Republic

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