LETTER: Encounter on bus with Ukrainian mom educational for Maple Ridge woman

Dear Editor,

I thought Canadians might like to know more about what it is like to live in Ukraine, as compared to Canada. I happened to meet a young Ukraine refugee woman on a bus in Langley.

I waited for her to catch her breath, as she had run to catch her the bus and I said: “Welcome to Canada.” She smiled.

She had told me she had just taken her two young children to school. I told her that her young children can learn in a safe and fun environment.

The woman told me when her young children went to school in Ukraine, they never had any fun. I was perplexed, because Ukraine had gained its independence from Russia over 20 years ago. But she told me the education system had not changed. Her young children never had any fun at school, and that made me sad. The young woman told me school was very competitive, and all that mattered was getting good grades. I understand getting good grades is important, but so is having fun.

Having fun involves being creative, and innovative. Having fun, for some children, includes participating in sports. Sometimes, sports can be just as competitive, as getting good grades, but that usually applies to older children.

Young children need to have fun, which includes playing outside and inside, as having fun is a part of growing up. If children grow up without having any fun, they miss out on an important part of their childhood.

Now the young Ukraine woman’s young children can learn in a safe and fun environment because they live in Canada, a great place to grow up in.

Linda Meyer, Maple Ridge



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