Is Ukraine ready for a long fight? Interview with Ukrainian MP | Conflict Zone

As the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nears, DW sat down with Ukrainian Member of Parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko, himself a veteran of the fighting.
“We just want to be alive, with our families, on our land,” he told Conflict Zone.
The MP talked about Western promises and his own experiences since February 24, 2022.
He also discussed China’s warning against nuclear weapons and a possible Beijing peace proposal, Western red lines on weapons deliveries to Ukraine, Russian war crimes and Putin’s.
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00:00 Intro

00:57 Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko on Western promises of weapons, President Emmanuel Macron, Vice President Kamala Harris and Vladimir Putin

01:55 Inflation, food crisis, energy crisis, refugee crisis worse with war in Ukraine

02:10 Movement in Western “red lines” on HIMARS

02:30 UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on long-range munitions & training of Ukrainian pilots

03:45 Moral & legal case of Ukrainian use of cluster bombs

05:07 Russia is committing genocide on occupied territories, deported Ukrainian children in Russia

05:40 Most important item on Kyiv’s weapons shopping list: ATACMS

06:30 Western fear of Russian escalation & defeat

07:04 Collapse of Russian Federation is better than live Russian Empire or return of Soviet Union

07:35 Nuclear escalation, chemical weapons, long range missiles or Iranian drones

08:15 Wang Yi WMD warning and peace proposal from China

09:20 Frontline situation, ammunition and tanks

10:30 Munich Security Conference & Western demilitarization, Bundeswehr operational capability

11:20 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on munitions production timelines

11:45 Russian invasion of Georgia 2008. Crimea 2014 and Ramstein UDCG format

12:45 Ukrainian Territorial Army Kviv February 2022

13:10 HIMARS, Howitzers, Patriots, Russian Mobilization and Western timelines

13:26 General Mark Milley, Chairman US Joint Chiefs of Staff assessment of war in Ukraine

14:30 This war is not just about Ukraine & Russia

15:35 Tyrants cannot stop, they can only be stopped

15:50 Ukraine voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons

16:20 If Ukrainian territorial integrity is not restored, expect nuclear proliferation in Latin America, Asia and Europe

18:00 Germany and Nord Stream after 2014

19:16 Western response after February 24, 2022

20:20 Two options to run or to fight T

22:22 When you are working 24/7 there’s no time for regrets or tears

23:12 Holodomor, Soviet Terror Famine in Ukraine, today we are losing thousands, to not lose millions

23:40 Prosecution of war crimes, post-war justice?

24:20 Will Putin be sentenced by history or by tribunal?

25:00 Questions for Volodymyr Zelenskyy after war


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