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Hi, my name is Sofia. I’m 16 and from Ukraine. And I urgently need your help.
For the past 10 years, I have dreamed of becoming a professional singer. I’ve worked hard and taken part in lots of concerts, festivals and competitions and even been in Ukrainian TV shows like Ukraine’s Got Talent. I was due to go on America’s Got Talent but then COVID stopped all international travel. Singing is my life. So imagine my excitement when I was awarded 2 scholarships to music colleges in the US worth over $11,000. For 2 months this summer I can learn from professionals about song writing, music production, music theory, singing, performing and just about everything else connected with music… hopefully taking my passion and voice to the next level. This is my idea of heaven.
But then, on the 24th of February, Russia invaded my beautiful home. In that moment the world of every Ukrainian was flipped upside down. Everyone’s dreams came crashing down. Like 5 million other Ukrainian children, I was forced to flee my home and eventually my country. My mum and I were separated from our family and friends. I am now a refugee. I never thought I would say those words. Traveling from Ukraine to Poland, we are lucky to have found a wonderful family in Spain who are generously hosting us. We feel safe. We feel loved. And we’re grateful. But like millions of Ukrainians, I want to go home. I want to go back to being a normal teenager. I want to follow my dreams and to use my music to raise awareness of how wars like these affect children. I want to help rebuild my country and our lives as soon as possible.
With the war having completely shut off my family’s income, I have this most incredible opportunity – $11,000 of music training and yet we don’t have the funds to get to the US and live there for 2 months. This is why I’ve set up this GoFundMe page. Because I can’t let Putin and his war machine destroy dreams. Like all Ukrainians, I’ve got to fight for my future. Every one of us has to find a way to turn this horrible situation into something positive. So here I am, asking for any contribution you can kindly make to help me get to the USA and benefit from these incredible life changing scholarships I have been given.
Thank you for your kindness, and thank you for everything you are doing to support me and the country I love. It truly means everything to me.

#sofiashkidchenko # #yodel


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