From a Ukraine bomb shelter, performers stun Las Vegas audiences

On June 4, Las Vegas stood with Ukraine in a memorable way.

From an underground bunker in Kyiv, the ProEnglish Theater produced a performance that was beamed into the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center.

And to the surprise of the audience at the center, the troupe performed a wrenching version of The Beatles’ “Yesterday” that referenced the Ukrainian War.

Sarah O’Connell is the artistic director of Asylum Theater, who produced the event.

“The mission of the Asylum Theater is to connect artists to each other and audiences to new work. We’ve always taken that seriously to mean connecting both locally, nationally and internationally,” she said. “It’s always been part of our mission to always keep tabs on how the arts and theater is doing around the world. When war breaks out, we actually go looking to see how our colleagues are doing, and that’s what we did with Ukraine.”

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