First Snowflakes of the Season Would Arrive in the Northeast and Midwest

A recent forecast said that portions of the Midwest and Northeast would feel the season’s first snowflakes, noting that the weather would become colder.

A cold front helps for a surge of a colder breeze of air in the Northeast and Midwest. Snowflakes are expected.

According to AccuWeather’s recent weather report, on October 15, 2022, forecasts showed that portions of the United States still transitioned from fall to seemingly winter pattern, noting that snows would be visible in some parts.

Snowflakes and rains

Cold weather

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The accumulation of snow and rain would also be possible based on the forecasts. Previous reports revealed that Midwest and Northeast felt a widespread cooldown.

Based on the AccuWeather weather update, here are the places that would feel the colder temperatures and possibly snow.

  • Parts of Northern Minnesota and North Dakota witnessed an accumulation of a few snowflakes on Wednesday night.
  • Parts of Minneapolis and Duluth recorded small snow accumulations starting Thursday night, from one to three inches.
  • Meanwhile, the report noted that wet snow with rains would unleash in northern portions of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin until Saturday.
  • Residents near or across the northern Plains would feel the coldest air of the season this coming weekend or next week. Snows would emerge in Great Lakes’ northern portions and could extend up to the southeast.
  • Starting Sunday night to Tuesday, the report said Michigan and Wisconsin (Northern portions) would see more snow, reminding that the snow may make sidewalks and roads slippery
  • New York and Pennsylvania, especially in parts of the Appalachians, Allegheny Plateau, and Adirondacks, would witness the season’s first snowflakes.

Ultimately, the weather report noted that the colder air would continue next week in the Northeast.

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Feeling so cold: what to do?

As the colder weather continues with snows in some parts of the Northeast and Midwest, cold temperatures can be associated with health risks, especially if a person has prolonged exposure to the cold weather. Forecasts also say that feeling of the cold breeze seems like winterlike weather.

Here are some essential tips for dealing with cold weather, especially if you move to areas with forecasted colder temperatures.

Wear layers of clothes

The chilling air breeze could alleviate the heat in previous warm temperatures. During winter and this coming cold weather forecast, wearing layers of clothes covering your whole body helps to warm you and prevent the risk of hypothermia or frostbite. You should wear layers of socks, gloves, scarves and a hat.

Maintain home temperature

Your house must adjust the temperature to the warm environment so that you would freeze from the cold weather, making sure that the heating system works.

Being active and eating warm food

Exercising or being active warms your body and may help alleviate the cold temperature. Also, it is best to eat warm food, including soups, and porridge, which would be helpful.

Seek medical assistance

Seek medical assistance if any family members suffer from hypothermia, frostbite, or difficulty or with prolonged exposure to cold temperature.

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