Dublin at Risk of Ant Infestation This Summer After 80% Increase in Ant Reports Nationwide

Ant infestation is a growing threat across Ireland over recent months, with Dublin and other counties at most risk of an ant invasion of their homes.

Local sources indicated that this looming risk will significantly worsen during the summer season, which spans from June to August in Ireland each year.

The recent data makes Dublin to still be the most anti-infested counties in the country based on previous reports.

The incidents are part of a worsening ant-related pest problems countrywide.

A large context also showed that the combination of both wet weather and hot weather drove these ants into human settlements.

While ant species in the country are reportedly not considered life-threatening, a small ant problem could grow and become unstoppable if left unchecked, affecting indoors and even commercial buildings, according to local authorities.

Given the circumstance, pest control officials in Ireland issued warnings for both home and business owners against such infestation which has been attributed more of a nuisance rather than dangerous.

In addition, the authorities also provided ant prevention measures.

Ant Infestation

Ant infestation

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Ireland’s top pest control provider Rentokil, warned the Irish public to be cautions of ants when the weather is calm.

The warning came after the company released a new statistical data showing an 80% increase in reports of ant infestation across the country.

Based on the data, the following counties and their percentage of ant callouts are provided:

  •  Dublin – 25%
  •  Galway – 16%
  •  Tipperary – 13%
  •  Cork – 11%
  •  Waterford – 5%

The data shows Dublin has the highest rate of callouts, making Dubliners to be the most at risk of ant invasion in the current season.

According to Rentokil’s Advanced Technical Field Consultant, Richard Faulkner, stated ants are most active during the summer months, becoming an issue for both residential and business establishments due to the risk of infestations, as cited by Dublin Live.

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Food Search

Faulkner added that ant behavior shows their tendency to enter houses and commercial buildings in search for food due to the scorching temperatures of summer.

As a common summertime pest, the Rentokil expert elaborated that ants lay down chemicals called pheromones after finding a food source in an area, attracting other ants in the nearby vicinity, which could turn the situation in an instant.

Pest Control Measures

Rentokil has issued some of the following pest control measures against an ant invasion:

  •  Clearing off food and water spillage
  •  Avoiding food crumbs
  •  Storing food in airtight containers
  •  Blocking potential ant entry points indoors

The Irish Examiner also cited a previous report of Rentokil concerning ant infestation in the country back in 2018, providing the same instructions but ruling out some of long-held myths on ants.

The service provider clarified some of these misconceptions about ways in removing or killing ants:

  •  Placing vinegar on ants would not kill them.
  •  Feeding ants with small grains will not make them explode.
  •  Pouring boiling water on ants is only a temporary solution.

In general, the advisory show that if an ant survives it will only make its way to find the rest of the group.

After all, pest control measures advocates prevention to be the best solution against ant infestations.

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