Defending Celebrity Ukraine-Russia Comments & Calling Out Hypersensitive Opportunists

‘The View’ Joy Behar, AnnaLynne McCord, Kirstie Alley & Maks Chmerkovskiy controversial Ukraine-Russia comments reaction.

0:18 ‘The View’ Joy Behar “Vacation”
1:32 AnnaLynne McCord Poem to Putin
2:10 Kirstie Alley ‘Silence’ & DWTS Maks Chmerkovskiy Call Out
3:26 Celebrity Comment Defense On Ukraine-Russia Conflict/Invasion/War
5:34 Defending Joy Behar Comments + More Context Others Left Out
9:44 Defending AnnaLynne McCord Putin Poem + Past George Floyd Comments Resurfacing
13:14 Defending Kirstie Alley + Calling Out Maks Chmerkovskiy
18:41 Ukraine-America-Hollywood Ties

News Live Chat – March 3rd: https://youtu.be/Ha-1U76vC6U


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Defending [Blank] & Calling Out [Blank] Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuaNe1OECHpxt_umXjp7MkSxyv1fGLrC8

Defending “Rico Bosco” & Calling Out Dave Portnoy, Big Cat & Barstool Sports: https://youtu.be/Uinkgmc0IsE

Defending Kiki Chanel & Calling Out Commentary Creators: https://youtu.be/zi7_Xw30Uko

Defending Kimbyrleigha & Calling Out Anti-MLM Creators: https://youtu.be/dVdvHvNk6PQ


“The View” Co-Hosts Weigh in on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine | @The View: https://youtu.be/YTKKmp2hOCE

AnnaLynne McCord Recites Strange Poem To Vladimir Putin On Social Media @ET Canada: https://youtu.be/o6xTHBqunbg

Maks Chmerkovskiy Slams Kirstie Alley Over Ukraine-Russia Tweet @Access: https://youtu.be/47PQpCpai3Y

I’m Nick Zangl, an American news opinion commentator.



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