Biden says Putin wants to ‘destroy’ Ukraine’s culture as Kyiv seeks more 155mm artillery

As the Moscow-Kyiv war continues for over 100 days, US President Joe Biden claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to destroy the culture of its ex-Soviet neighbour. Addressing attendees at the Reception for Democratic National Committee, he alleged that Putin “does not believe in such a thing as an independent Ukrainian culture”. The POTUS added that this is why now the Kremlin leader is “trying to annihilate the entire Ukraine” by going after what was left in the war-torn nation like the cultural centers, museums, and historical landmarks.  

The US President justified that having noted Putin’s intentions, Washington deemed it important to reinforce the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and further help Ukraine. He reiterated that the war in Europe was having a ripple effect on the security situation but mostly on the economy of West, especially the US. “It’s really consequential.  And the — and the byproduct — and I said at the time when we decided we were going to help Ukraine — the point that I was making was that it’s going to cost us too.  It’s going to cost the Western countries.  It’s going to cost NATO. It’s going to cost European countries and cost us.  Because you know what was going to happen: The cost of gasoline and oil was going to go up, and the cost of food was going to go up,” Biden remarked. He also expressed concern over the looming food insecurity given the Russian blockade on the Ukrainian Black Sea ports. “There are 14 million tons of grain… stored now in the silos in Ukraine, but there’s no way to get it out. The Russians will blow the ships up as they come out of the Black Sea, if they do,” Biden feared. 

Ukraine calls on the US to provide more 155mm artillery

As the war sees absolutely no sign of cessation with continued artillery attacks on the eastern flank of the country, Ukrainian Army chief Valeriy Zaluzhny on Sunday discussed weapons needs with his US counterpart, General Mark Milley. Informing about his brief telephone call with General Milley, General Zaluzhny wrote in a Telegram message, “I emphasized that the enemy concentrated its main efforts in the north of Luhansk region. They have escalated the use of artillery and unfortunately tenfold fire advantage. However, we keep holding our positions. The situation is particularly complicated in the city of Severodonetsk.” The Ukrainian General further informed that he also raised the request for 155mm artillery supplies to fend off growing Russian attacks in the Donbas region.

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