Attack Russian territory! Ukraine's missile attack destroyed Russia's military vehicle depot.

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Attack Russian territory! PUTIN panicked when Ukraine broke out Big Bang in Russia, military vehicle storage burned down | Update war Russia and Ukraine on 12/6.

The NGA lost many important military equipment after a warehouse for repairs was damaged by a mysterious battle.

Footage released on Telegram, a popular instant messaging service in Ukraine and Russia, shows a Russian warehouse 50km from the Ukrainian border submerged in flames. Huge black smoke was seen rising from the site in Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast, Russia in a mysterious situation. Russia’s military warehouse is believed to hold many important equipment for the conflict in Ukraine.

This warehouse is located on Russian territory but very close to the Ukraine and Belarus border, it is used to repair tanks and other military vehicles destroyed by Ukraine on the battlefield. for reuse in Ukraine.

The footage depicts two large fires in a warehouse, both parallel to each other. Can see 2 warehouses close to each other burning in parallel.

Smoke was first seen above the canopy before a closer photo showed the warehouse burning on the front.

This site contains a huge number of military vehicles, repaired for the war, it is only 50km from Ukraine so it is easy to transport these vehicles to the battlefield.

It is known that this was a missile attack by Ukraine, in recent days Ukraine has repeatedly organized attacks on key positions on Russian territory. Ukraine has realized that defending alone is not a good way to win, and it is launching more attacks on Russian domestic facilities.

As Russia continues its fierce war in the eastern regions of Ukraine, a lack of equipment could seriously affect its offensive operations. This warehouse fire will cost Russia several hundred tanks, greatly affecting Russia’s ability to succumb to Ukraine, due to lack of military equipment.

This attack is setting the stage for Ukraine’s victory in the coming days, as it has caused catastrophic damage to Russia, especially at the present time, when Russia is running out of tanks and military weapons. the. It also caused confusion for Russian generals and soldiers when their territories were attacked as if they were attacking Ukraine.


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