Amazing Arabian Food!! SEAFOOD BBQ MOUNTAIN in Dubai, UAE!

Eating a huge Arabian seafood platter with @Peyman Al Awadhi
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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – It was great to hang out with my great friend Peyman Al Awadhi when we were in Dubai and we had an opportunity to cook and eat a huge Arabian Gulf Emirati seafood meal at the park in the desert. Huge thanks to Chef Mohammad ( – from Al Banoosh Restaurant for cooking this incredible feast.

We first arrived to the park, one of the oldest and biggest in Dubai, and laid out the mats to start the festivities. Chef Mohammad brought the fresh catch of the day including a full tuna, some huge local shrimp, and entire school of mullet fish, and a variety of minced shark. He grilled and roasted all the different seafood. The shark was was minced and mixed with spices like cardamom and drizzled in animal fat. The mullets were coated in a thick layer of salt and then roasted until black. All the seafood was placed on huge trays of fluffy rice and eaten with the variety of seafood, drizzled in melted animal fat, and chased with a variety of fresh herbs.

It was an amazing meal, and an authentic Emirati, really Arabian Gulf food coastal seafood meal.

Thank you again to Peyman and Chef Mohammad and everyone else that set this up for us.

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