ADM opens tech center at University of Illinois Research Park

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CHAMPAIGN — Archer Daniels Midland Co. is expanding its research efforts with a new technology center at the University of Illinois. 

The company on Friday celebrated the grand opening of the new ADM Science and Technology Center at the University of Illinois Research Park. 

According to a joint press release from ADM and the University of Illinois, the new facility “quadruples ADM’s footprint at the University of Illinois Research Park.”

ADM’s previous research endeavors included process and financial modeling, as well as business intelligence and business development. 

The new center will allow for additional studies, including human nutrition research and development, wet chemistry, sensory science, data science, computational fluid dynamics and customer interface and applications. 

“Our partnership with the University of Illinois has been a win for ADM, the university and its students, as well as the industries in which ADM operates, and we are so excited about this new facility and the future of our collaboration,” said Todd Werpy, senior vice president and chief science officer at ADM. 

According to ADM and the university, the new center will create opportunities for students in a variety of academic programs, including chemical engineering, computer science, food science, agricultural economics, animal science and business. 

“The new ADM Science and Technology Center at Research Park is a tangible outcome of the depth and breadth of our institutional strategic partnership,” said Robert J. Jones, chancellor of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

“An alliance of this scale and scope is critical to the future of our region and our state,” Jones continued. “It also provides unique experiential learning opportunities for our students, which is critical for preparing our future workforce. It also further cements our campus and community as an epicenter of agtech.”

ADM first opened at Research Park in 2007, with an original focus on computational work, conceptual engineering and modeling to evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing specialty chemicals. 

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