Snapchat’s Set to Announce New Ad Options at it IAB Newfronts Event

Snapchat has officially announced its upcoming IAB Newfronts presentation, in which it will share its latest ad projects and offerings designed to help brands make the most of the app.

As per Snapchat:

On May 1st, Snap will take the stage at the 2024 IAB NewFronts in New York City for an in-person and live streamed event. We’re bringing “More Snapchat” to life for advertisers as we demonstrate how Snapchat is built differently from social media in a truly immersive experience.”

Snap says that it will share new ad offerings, which will help brands “reach their audience and achieve impactful results”, along with new content partnerships. It’s also planning to share details of how brands can connect with their audiences “through cultural moments and passion points” via Snaps.

Snap’s President of Americas and Chief Creative Officer will co-host the event, which will also include various leaders from Snapchat’s advertising and PR divisions.

The event comes at an important time for Snap, after its Q4 results failed to impress the market. Impacted by changes in the data sharing landscape, Snap has been working to reform its ad systems, while also maximizing growth, and while Snap is still adding users, its revenue numbers haven’t increased in-step.

That’s largely because the majority of the platform’s user growth has been in developing markets, while it’s been losing traction in its primary income regions. Snap’s now looking to re-align itself around these key segments, and as such, it will be interesting to see what it announced as part of its Newfronts showcase.

Expect to see more AR options, and interactive ad formats. Indeed, Snap’s key opportunities now look set to come from its AR experiments, especially given the rising interest in the technology on the back of Apple’s Vision Pro, and Meta’s ongoing AR development.

Can Snap come up with new, engaging ad formats to boost ad spend?

The event will be live in New York, and live-streamed for everybody else. You can register for the live stream here.

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