#121 Market Volatility vs your Pension: Why long-term investing wins | Do More With Your Money

Our expert panel explain how continued investment into your Pension can be the key to unlocking your future aspirations. Although markets remain volatile, we highlight how this brings opportunities for expert fund managers to beat markets and grow your retirement fund over the long-term.

0:00 Today’s show will look at the importance of your Pension

3:14 How to listen to our show on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

3:58 What’s happening in markets and why having a long-term perspective matters

10:35 Looking at the True Potential Portfolios’ performance since launch

11:14 Market volatility can bring opportunity

12:08 How to use True Potential technology to track your performance

13:25 How much money do I need to retire?

20:40 How does an expert handle their Pension planning?

24:15 What risk is right for you when investing?

27:33 The importance of staying invested

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