1 Hour of Ukrainian Catholic Church Choir

Step into the 360 degree St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church and listen to the beauty of The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom! To learn more and find Divine Liturgy times to attend,

This is part of the first CD.
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St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Choir of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is proud to present this recording of the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, according to the traditional Byzantine (eastern) Rite. Our celebrants are His Excellency Bishop Lawrence (Huculak, OSBM) and the Very Reverend Anton Tarasenko, both of whom are accomplished singers, and the conductor is Ms. Irena Tarnawsky. St. George’s Choir’s rendition of the Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian draws on a wide range of compositions and arrangements, including traditional Kyivan chants as well as richly harmonious pieces from the classical era, eloquently illustrating the unique contribution of Ukrainian culture to the Byzantine heritage of our Church.

How Glorious Our Lord: (0:00)
Great Litany (Litany Of Peace): (2:08)
Psalm 102- Bless The Lord, O My Soul: (6:48)
Hymn To The Only-Begotten Son: (8:38)
Small Litany: (11:10)
The Beatitudes: (12:27)
Small Entrance And Troparia: (15:07)
Thrice-Holy Hymn-Prokimenon And Epistle: (18:30)
Alleluia: (24:00)
The Gospel: (25:31)
Litany Of Fervent Supplication: (27:48)
Hymn Of The Cherubim: (31:21)
Great Entrance: (34:45)
Litany Of Entreaty: (36:58)
Father And Son And Holy Spirit: (38:49)
Nicene Creed: (39:52)
Anaphora: (43:28)
Sanctus: (45:37)
Epiclesis (Consecration): (47:48)
Hymn To The Theotokos- It Is Truly Right: (49:27)
And All Your People: (51:28)
Litany Of Supplication: (53:10)
The Lords’ Prayer: (56:32)
Pre-Communion Litany: (58:45)
One Is Holy-Communion Prayer: (59:46)


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